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Traditional Theatre Projects

Alia has served as an actress and director to several theatre projects internationally. Begining in 2007 with her debut at the Stadttheater Basel she explored the world of Opera and commercial theatre at an early age. Learn more about her work and the contemporary theatre company The Crossroad Players, which she co-founded and ran from 2013-2015.

Performance Artist

As a trained musician, dancer, actress and photographer with a great interest in the application of digital and visual work, I seek interdisciplinary collaborations for my performances. Have a project in mind? Get in touch with me!

"Night, Mother"

The Crossroad Players, 2013.

The OBERON Theater, Cambridge, MA

Aisthesis Creative - Maps to Nowhere

Rehearsal - Photo Credit: Brett Adamek

Boulder, Colorado. 2016

Performance Work & Aisthesis Creative


I seeks to combine my diverse skills in her performance work, often delving into the post-dramatic and abstract realms of theatrical practice. Also, I love theory, thus it often informs my work. Let's get creative!


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