As a facilitator and writer, I have devised several pieces with community groups around the world. I work with people aged 10 - 99 of all cultural backgrounds. I am always listening, learning, and exploring ways to find new horizons. 

Applied Theatre Facilitation

Actress; Director; Writer; Facilitator; Teacher
What is Applied Theatre? Applied theatre, also known as interactive theatre or applied drama, is an umbrella term for theatre-making in non-traditional contexts, specifically political, educational, community-based and sometimes therapeutic contexts. It draws from ancient theatre practices, usually shaped by culturally specific norms, and is frequently performed in non-traditional performance spaces. It uses the power of an artistic experience and shared storytelling - a most inherent human form of connection. Most often, a trained facilitator guides the process of an applied theatre performance or practice and is crafted for and by non-professional artists and actors. Applied theatre, at its core, is a tool to facilitate change - or as Augusto Boal, one of the founders of the form states, it is a "rehearsal for revolution." For more information visit these links or contact me for more information: 
How do I use applied theatre techniques? I enjoy brainstorming new ideas for the application of the form. Here are a few ideas as to how I have found it most useful:
  • Leadership courses
  • Community Buiding
  • Community Resilience building
  • Team building and team retreats (organizational management)
  • diversity training
  • peacebuilding
  • Post-Conflict reconciliation processes

Graphic Recording by Karina at ConverSketch - Applied Theatre Workshop, 2015 at the University of Colorado Boulder