Alia Goldfarb

Applied Theatre Facilitation - Voice Lessons - Performance Art

Applied Theatre Facilitation

for Organizational Management, Diversity and Leadership Training & Community Building

Voice Lessons

private, duet, and small group - various styles with classical technique as a guiding tool

Performance Art

Interdisciplinary, avant-guard, bold and experiential

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Alia grew up with the performing arts as her guide through life. Beginning with lessons in 1994, she continues to hone her craft. Today, she works at the intersection of various modes of performance such as music, dance, theatre, and other practices both for the stage and as a method for cultural work.  Her work has brought her around the globe teaching and practicing as an applied theatre facilitator. She completed her M.A. in Theatre from the University of Colorado at Boulder where she focused on bullying prevention through theatre in education. She continues to offer voice lessons and vocal coaching, team and community building, leadership training, and performance workshops using her creative tools to guide the facilitation. Beyond performance work, she also engages in the visual arts, writing and translation work, all of which create pathways to cross-cultural bridges and language barriers. Learn more about Alia!

Pandora's Box - Brandeis University Theatre, 2012

Photo: Patti Finn. Fort Collins, CO 2017